Jonas V Veterans Healthcare Scholar

Teneka Liddell, MSN, RN

Wayne State University
PhD Student

I am part time PhD student at Wayne State University going into my second year. My research interest include Obesity and health disparities among African American women. I have interest in vulnerable populations such as African American women and Veterans. I am currently employed at the VA as nurse/facility educator. Many of our Veterans have health issues that have to have some cultural sensitivity considerations similar to African American Women. As an nurse educator at the Department of Veteran Affairs in Detroit Michigan, I have the pleasure ensuring staff are prepared and are up to date with the most recent evidence as it pertains to practice and patient care. I have received many awards concerning my dedication. I ensure our nurses give the best quality care for those who served. My masters degree has prepared me extremely well for my current role as a nurse/facility educator, but I feel I need more. As a professional nurse, I encounter a lot of why questions and sometimes the current research does not answer those burning questions. By obtaining my PhD, not only can I begin to answer those burning questions as a nurse researcher, but my doctorate degree will help me mentor those interested in research at the VA (especially nursing) and will enhance my role as an educator in the VA by giving me tools and resources. I believe what I learn in my Doctorate program will have a direct effect on how I help nurses help Veterans as well.