Jonas V Veterans Healthcare Scholar

Nicole Smith, BSN, RN

University of Michigan-Flint
DNP Student

In regards to my professional advancement in nursing, I am currently pursuing a Doctorate of Nursing Practice degree from the University of Michigan - Flint. Emergency Medicine is the area of nursing that I have been practicing for the past 13 years; initially at a Level 1 Trauma facility. I have also ventured into the areas of: Step Down, ICU, PACU, and Case Management. Since my time in the ER, one important observation that I have made was, for many patients, the ER is where they receive their primary care. A majority of these patients have been unable to afford health insurance. This can be identified not only as a major issue in contemporary nursing, but for healthcare in general. Thus, with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, millions of people will be given the opportunity to receive medical attention that did not have it before, and so many people are in need of medical attention. With a large influx of insured individuals, the Affordable Care Act will in turn create a shortage of primary care providers; which is imperative in providing preventative care. Therefore, I believe that nurse practitioners should become a growing presence within healthcare. Ultimately, I wish to teach nursing at a collegiate level. I want to assist others with succeeding in the career path I have also chosen.