Jonas Veterans Healthcare Scholar

Kimberly Rush, RN, BSN

University of California-San Francisco
PhD Student

My name is Kimberly Rush. I work clinically as a registered nurse for the San Francisco VA Medical Center and I am predoctoral scholar at the UCSF School of Nursing. I am interested in how psychosocial variables contribute to the onward progression of chronic diseases. I work in nursing research as an advocate for patients by expanding access and utilization of healthcare services through mobile health technologies. We deliver this to Veterans who would not have access to care otherwise for reasons such as severe PTSD diagnosis, financial limitations, proximity to center-based rehab centers, etc. At UCSF I am focused on how positive and negative emotional processes mediate the relationship between traumatic stress and HIV risk behavior in MSM who use drugs. I have received certification of research methods training from the Advanced Training in Clinical Research program at UCSF. And I am prepared to sit at a table with a multidisciplinary team and bring my nursing knowledge. I believe that with the right team and resources available, we can make significant impacts for our patients and the future of Nursing.