Bob Woodruff Foundation – Jonas Nursing Scholar

Dawna Rutherford, MSN, RNC-MNN

University of Cincinnati
PhD Student

As a veteran of the Armed Forces Nurse corps, I have a special place in my heart for others serving (and those that have served) our country. I personally never experienced a combat setting but I have had the honor of caring for those that did. Many of the physical wounds obtained healed beautifully. Other invisible wounds, sadly do not. With a MS criminal justice and subsequent work as a forensic nurse investigator the ramifications of improperly treated psychological wounds were evident. I asked the question: how do we, as healthcare providers, properly care for individuals with unseen injuries? I am currently enrolled in the University Of Cincinnati, College Of Nursing's PhD program. I have a desire to aid in the growth and proliferation of nursing knowledge and addressing the needs of this unique population and others as well. With a MSN in nursing education, I realize there is a great need to continue building the body of nursing knowledge. Once created, as an educator I have the duty to bring forth ways to heal others especially veterans in need.