Jonas V Veterans Healthcare Scholar

Cynthia Ward, MSN, BC, CCM

Johns Hopkins University
DNP Student

My name is Cynthia Ward. I'm currently attending Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing DNP program and anticipate graduating Spring 2018. My clinical practice area focus on improving the quality of life in the veteran and soldier population. As a nurse advocate, I've been on the frontlines and in the trenches using critical thinking and innovative approaches to navigate through the very complex and convulted medical and benefits systems of the Army and Veterans Health System. In my various nursing roles in the military and civilian sectors, I've used every opportunity to solve seemingly complex medical/health using simple logical solutions in my patient population, thus improved outcomes. I currently hold a MSN as a Nurse Case Manager with a Focus on the Underserved Population and a Post Masters as a Family Nurse Practitioner. In 2001, I was inducted into Sigma Theta Tau and the Rural Nurse Association. I have been a catalyst for change in the Army Reserves medical readines and conceptualized many initiatives that became best practices by the entire Army Reserves. My focus was reviewing and understanding the strategic goals then defining my initiatives to align and nest with higher. Many leaders and soldiers to the lowest level were empowered through support, guidance, innovativeness,but most importantly accountability both ways. I articulated process improvement strategies to share at the lowest level. I am the recipient of many AAMs, ARCOMs, and one Meritorious Service Medal. My greatest reward is knowing that a soldier and/or veteran quality of life has improved.