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Audio FileBrigadier General (Ret.) William Bester
discusses veterans healthcare and
the Jonas Veterans Healthcare Program

Recognizing the tremendous commitment and sacrifices our veterans have made to serve our country, the Jonas Center is committed to do our part to support improved healthcare for this population. Launched in 2011, the Jonas Center supports the doctoral level-training (PhD and DNP) of nurses who are focused on veteran-specific healthcare needs, ranging from clinical to policy to administration to education, to help ensure our veterans are receiving the best possible care. To date, the program has supported 59 nurses  at 31 universities across the country, and will welcome a new cohort of more than 100 Veterans Healthcare Scholars in 2014.

Scholar’s research projects focus on priority veterans’ healthcare need (as identified by the Veterans Administration):

• Mental Health

• Poly-trauma

• Vision Impairment

• Prosthetics

• Spinal Cord Injury

• Aging

• Women’s Health

• Traumatic Brain Injury

• Homelessness

• Care Coordination/Transitions

• Informatics

• Interdisciplinary care

We are pleased to have Retired Brigadier General Bill Bester, 21st Chief of the Army Nurse Corps, on board as Senior Advisor to the Jonas Veterans Healthcare Program.

The Jonas Center’s vision is to foster new partnerships that help improve veterans’ healthcare through nursing and we welcome all contributions to support our efforts.

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