Jonas V Nurse Leader Scholar

Tara Pezzuto, MSN, APRN

Thomas Jefferson University
DNP Student

Nemours is a primary pediatric referral center. Over the past eight years, we have had an increasing number of patients referred to our institution for chronic headache management. A need to create a headache center was thus identified in 2009. As a clinically practicing advanced practice registered nurse (APRN) in the division of child neurology with an interest in pediatric headaches, I worked diligently with our administration to create this program for our pediatric headache patients. I am the leader of the program in a flourishing neurology division. We encouraged standardize pediatric headache treatment in primary care . We will establish a base of knowledge from research and publication. I was awarded the Innovation in Clinical Practice Award for 2015 by the Child Neurology Society and Association of Child Neurology Nurses. I have spoken in several areas across the country and plan to speak internationally on the topic of pediatric headache management. Full scope of practice is not always a reality for APRN’s in specialty practice. My hope is that through example, education and the establishment of certification exams within specialties we will all learn to have the confidence, competence and strength to function independently within our roles. All APRN’s in specialty practices should be provided autonomy and confidence in practice. Betty Neumans’ Theory and the concept of “helping others help themselves”, shapes my aspirations as I see needs within the community I serve. This involves both patients and peers.