Jonas V Nurse Leader Scholar

Shelley White, MSW, LCSW

University of Utah
PhD Student

Shelley leads the Linda B. and Robert B. Wiggins Wellness and Integrative Health Center at the Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI), a Comprehensive Cancer Center that offers over thirty-six integrative program services for patients, their caregivers, and staff members, including acupuncture, artistic expression, dance, exercise (twenty-four different group fitness classes), expressive writing, massage, mindfulness interventions, music therapy, and nutritional counseling. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Shelley has over nineteen years of clinical and professional experience working with individuals and family members affected by cancer (six years with hospice, leading to her certification in contemplative end-of-life care from Naropa University). Prior to overseeing the Wellness and Integrative Health Center, she led psychosocial, spiritual, and practical support services at the Huntsman Cancer Hospital and Clinics. Shelley is a co-investigator on several projects related to mind-body factors in cancer survivorship, including a pilot randomized control trial of a mindfulness-based intervention for weight reduction of female cancer patients; a survey of positive psychological processes in cancer survivorship; and an evaluation of a mind-body skills program. For her dissertation, Shelley plans to work with Dr. Kathi Mooney, Distinguished Professor in the College of Nursing at the Huntsman Cancer Institute and an investigator and co-leader of Cancer Control and Population Sciences, on conducting a randomized clinical trial evaluating a therapeutic music intervention within a cancer population that will include biomarkers to determine the mechanism of intervention impact on anxiety, depression, and fatigue.