Jonas V Nurse Leader Scholar

Sarah Llewellyn, MN, RN

University of Washington
PhD Student

I completed a Masters in Nursing in 2013 and am currently a third year PhD student at the University of Washington School of Nursing. I was honored to receive a T32 Predoctoral Training Fellowship in Informatics and Aging for two academic years. I have worked in various nursing roles and settings including the bedside in hospitals, as coordinator in outpatient clinics, and teaching nursing in both the United States and as a Peace Corps volunteer in Nepal. Having worked most recently in peritoneal and hemodialysis, my research focuses on individuals with kidney disease. In my dissertation, I am interested in studying how clinical practice guidelines geared at the early identification of kidney disease in high risk populations are or are not being applied, what barriers or facilitators are present, and how the electronic health record or other health technologies could facilitate guideline uptake.