Jonas V Nurse Leader Scholar

Ruth Tadesse, MS, RN

University of Utah Hartford Center
PhD Student

Ruth Tadesse is an assistant professor at Oregon Health & Sciences University (OHSU) School of Nursing and teaches clinical to junior and senior undergraduate nursing students in various clinical settings. Ruth has a master’s in nursing with a focus in gerontology and a post-master’s as a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner from OHSU School of Nursing. Ruth actively participates in different committees and currently is a member of the Baccalaureate Curriculum and Student Affairs committee at OHSU School of Nursing. She is also a member of the Gerontological Society of America, National League for Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau Honor Society of International Nurses, and Oregon Council of Healthcare Educators. She serves as a nurse consultant for OHSU Telehealth program focused on psychiatric medication management providing education to primary health care providers. She has been involved in many innovative educational projects including Enriching Clinical Learning Environments through Partnerships in LTC (ECLEPs), Nurturing Cultural Competence through Nursing using Simulation, developing UG Nursing Preceptor Education Program and creating a teaching-learning model related to transition of care. Most recently, Ruth has served as the first program director for Gerontology Nursing Honors Program. Currently, Ruth is a PhD student at University of Utah College of Nursing. Her research interest is on family caregiving, gerontology, care transition, resilience and education.