Jonas V Nurse Leader Scholar

Rebecca Taylor, RN, BSN, PHN

Samuel Merritt University
DNP Student

I was inspired to do the opposite of what I saw my biological family and peers do growing up as a Foster Youth. I was emancipated from the State at 17 and decided I needed to become a Nurse. I started remedial classes at City College of San Francisco and was eventually accepted into their ADN. I applied to San Francisco State while I was finishing up my final year and worked in a non-profit for Foster Youth throughout both degrees. I have an affinity for Public Health and this made it easy to gain my first Nursing job in a homeless shelter respite program. Currently I am working part-time in as a PHN with CVHcare. I enjoy being directly related to my community and when I obtain the FNP/DNP I will continue to work with my community and advocate for those in high risk populations.