Jonas V Nurse Leader Scholar

Neesha Ramchandani, PNP, CDE, CDTC

New York University
PhD Student

Neesha Ramchandani, PNP, CDE, CDTC is a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner in Diabetes. She received an AB in Chemistry with a minor in Psychology from Dartmouth College, her MA in Medical Sciences from Boston University School of Medicine, and her MSN from Yale University School of Nursing. She is currently pursuing her PhD from NYU Rory Meyers College of Nursing, where she is focusing on using technology to improve both diabetes care and access to care. Clinically, Neesha believes in empowering patients to do their best with their self-management. She has been the program coordinator and/or advisor for pediatric diabetes practices at three major medical centers in NYC. In 2009, she was part of the team that was awarded a Medtronic Diabetes Center of Excellence, and in 2010, she was awarded the GOPIO Young Indian Professional of the Year award. Neesha has a strong interest in both diabetes technology and pediatric diabetes. She has published many papers on diabetes technology, including the first paper in the literature on insulin pumps from the time of diagnosis of type 1 diabetes without any additional agent and the first paper in the literature on why people do not use glucose sensors. Additionally, she authored the first paper in the literature on college students with diabetes. She also spent four years involved in research using the closed loop/artificial pancreas system. Neesha has presented her work around the world, including in the United States, many countries in Europe, Turkey, South Africa, and Israel.