Jonas V Nurse Leader Scholar

Margaret Allaire, MS, RNC-OB

University of Rhode Island
PhD Student

Margaret has been the Women's Care Center Nurse Manager at Kent Hospital in Warwick, Rhode Island for over 12 years. Her 30 plus years of nursing experience has included OB/GYN, medical/surgical, and home care. Her current areas of responsibility encompass the hospital's LDR unit, Mother/Baby unit and level II Special Care Nursery. Margaret holds a certification in In-patient Obstetrics from NCC. She works in collaboration with her nursing and physician colleagues to ensure best practice and patient safety in the WCC patient environment. She enjoys working with fellow WCC nurses within their department's unit council structure to improve workflow, patient safety, and patient and staff satisfaction. She facilitates building trust through teamwork. Her Master's Degree major paper was titled, Developing a Sustainable Shared Governance Environment. Margaret is looking forward to the educational and collaborative opportunities of her PhD program at the University of Rhode Island combined with the Jonas Scholarship.