Jonas V Nurse Leader Scholar

Ludmila Santiago-Rotchford, MSN,APRN,ACNS-BC, PCCN

University of Delaware
PhD Student

I am currently a doctoral student in the PhD program at the University of Delaware. As a Clinical Nurse Specialist on a Progressive Care Unit I developed an interest in the decision making patterns that influence adherence to treatment plans in patients with heart failure. In reviewing the literature there seemed to be a need to explore patient perceptions in management of symptoms of heart failure. Prior to becoming a doctoral student I was an adjunct faculty member for the School of Nursing at Wesley College for seven years. My love for teaching and mentoring nurses, along with my desire to conduct research made pursuing a PhD as the next logical step in my career trajectory. Most recently I have begun to mentor an at risk high school student through the ASPIRA program and a student nurse scholarship recipient from the National Association of Hispanic Nurses. As President-Elect for the Delaware Chapters of the American Association of Critical Care Nurses and the National Association of Hispanic Nurses reflect my interests in the clinical setting as a critical care nurse and in the community in serving the needs of the members of the Hispanic Community in Delaware. I have been nominated several times as a Top Nurse in Delaware Today in the Advanced Practice Role category.