Jonas V Nurse Leader Scholar

Kimiko Sasaki, MN, RN

University of Washington
PhD Student

I am a third year PhD student at the University of Washington (UW) School of Nursing. I received my Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the UW, Bothell in 2002 and Master of Nursing in Community Health Nursing with a focus of Occupational and Environmental Health Nursing (OEHN) from the UW, Seattle in 2014. I also completed the Graduate Certificate for Advanced Practice Environmental Health in the School of Nursing from the UW, Seattle in March of 2016. I currently work as a home health nurse. My other clinical experiences include five years of bedside care on an orthopedic unit in Japan and 13 years of practices on a medical-surgical unit in Washington State. In addition to my professional and academic activities, I volunteered at a Buddhist organization for five years where I led a young women group that was responsible for monitoring the safety of members when they were participating in meetings and activities at the facility.