Jonas V Nurse Leader Scholar

JungHee Kang, BSN, RN

University of Kentucky
PhD Student

I am a doctorate student in the BSN to PhD program and MPH program at University of Kentucky College of Nursing. The highly pedagogical and research-intensive PhD program in Nursing at UK and the invaluable mentoring is preparing me for an academic career as a clinician scientist. I work as a research assistant on a Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI)-funded project designed to test the efficacy of a heart health intervention delivered to rural Appalachians. I have been working closely with my mentors with focus on cardiovascular health outcome after nutrition interventions, biobehavioral education and actively participated in many phases of relevant research projects to refine my skills and expertise in a conduct of research. My research is focused on interactions among inflammatory mediators, nutrition and cardiovascular disease. I have a particular interest in developing nutrition-related and life-style interventions in patients with heart failure to improve health outcomes, such as frequency of re-hospitalization, the duration of hospitalization, improving the ability of self-management and survival, and enhancing quality of life. I have served as a PhD student representative at the College of Nursing PhD committee (2015-2016). I am currently serving as a vice-president at the Graduate Nursing Activities and Advisory Council, University of Kentucky. I have received American Heart Association Travel Award, three Delta Psi Scholarships, Dorothy Luther Fellowship Fund, and the first place PhD student podium presentation award.