Jonas V Nurse Leader Scholar

Garlandria Johnson, RN, BSN

Case Western Reserve University
PhD Student

Garlandria Johnson was born and raised in New York City, where she served the population of the South Bronx as a medical surgical nurse. She received her first Bachelors of Science degree in Political Science at Lincoln University, where by she learned the art of advocating for underserved populations. Interning for President William J. Clinton, her desire to serve minority communities peeked as healthcare disparities grew. Baring witness to these changes, she decided to seek a Bachelors of Nursing degree from the City of New York Lehman College. Her interest developed as she witnessed increased trends of multiple chronic conditions involved with patient care. She then decided to pursue a PhD in Nursing Research from Case Western Reserve University. She plans to complete research in understanding trends geared toward the African American population affected by diabetes and hypertension.