Jonas V Nurse Leader Scholar

Elizabeth Skrovanek, BSN, RN

University of Pittsburgh
PhD Student

Elizabeth Skrovanek is a third year BSN to PhD doctoral student at the University of Pittsburgh with research interests in onco-fertility. She completed her BS in Nursing at the University of Pittsburgh in 2014. While she was an undergraduate, she was introduced to nursing research. Under the guidance of faculty member Dr. Heidi Donovan and post-doctoral fellow Dr. Teresa Hagan, she developed an interest in quality of life issues in women with or at risk for ovarian cancers. Her undergraduate research also gave her an opportunity to present her findings at various research conferences. This research experience, as well as her love of genetics, has helped to develop Elizabeth’s research interest centered around genetic predisposition, fertility and quality of life of women at high risk for breast and ovarian cancer. Elizabeth’s current area of study relates to the fertility related decision making processes of women with the BRCA (Breast Cancer) gene mutation. In addition to being a Jonas Scholar, Elizabeth has been a T32 Research in Cancer Survivorship fellow.   Elizabeth is also currently involved in the Women’s Cancer Research Group in the School of Nursing where she has collaborated on papers related to symptom management and quality of life in women with ovarian cancer. Elizabeth is on the planning committee of the Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nursing, and helped to organize the Pennsylvania State Conference held in 2015.