Jonas V Nurse Leader Scholar

Elizabeth Lorenzo, BSN, RN

Arizona State University
PhD Student

I have been a registered nurse for the past sixteen years and worked primarily in cardiovascular surgery and as a quality nurse analyst conducting chart reviews related to pharmacological adverse events. I recently completed my second year in the BSN to PhD track doctoral program at Arizona State University. Since beginning the program in 2014, I have been working as a Graduate Research Assistant each semester to gain invaluable mentored research experience from various renowned scientists. I recently was awarded the lead Graduate Research Assistantship by my mentor, Dr. Rebecca Lee, on her newly funded NIH U01 grant "Partnering for Physical Activity in Early Childhood: Sustainability via Active Garden Education." This has allowed me to leave my career as a practicing nurse to fully immerse myself in conducting a large-scale research study from start-up throughout the remainder of my dissertation. I will conduct my dissertation as a side study aligned with this project investigating active transportation use, walkability of the built environment, and healthcare access and utilization related to cardiometabolic outcomes and physical activity levels among predominantly Hispanic/Latina female caretakers.