Jonas V Nurse Leader Scholar

Christina Ross, BSN, RN

University of Virginia
PhD Student

Christina Ross is a BSN prepared trauma nurse who graduated from the University of Saint Joseph in 2013 and is currently enrolled as a PhD student at the University of Virginia's School of Nursing. During nursing school, Christina worked with the homeless population and offered blood glucose and hypertension monitoring, and mentored grade six students. As a grant recipient of the Connecticut Women's Hall of Fame 2012 Ella T Grasso Leadership in Action Award, Christina led an empowerment project of her own design that benefited women in a transition housing program. She also recieved the State of Connecticut's recognition for developing a project to benefit women in the community. As a student, Christina worked with Hartford Hospital’s Community Liaison Nurse and interacted with adolescents at a local high school. As a result, Christina became passionate about nursing research and the ability to address many concerns adolescents in the community face, such as risky sexual behaviors. Her future goals includes the opportunity to develop interventions to improve STI, HIV/AIDS rates in minority adolescents. In her spare time, Christina enjoys travelling to developing countries such as Guyana and Guatemala to get a global perspective of health care issues.