Jonas V Nurse Leader Scholar

Carlene McLaughlin, MSN, CRNA

Villanova University
PhD Student

I am currently a student in the PhD program in the College of Nursing at Villanova University. My research interests are focused on the impact of simulation and debriefing in the education of nurse anesthesia students. My dissertation focus is on comparing two methods of debriefing in simulation with nurse anesthesia students. I have been adjunct faculty in the Villanova University/Crozer Chester Medical Center Nurse Anesthesia program and have taught primarily in the simulation laboratory since 2010. I graduated with an MSN from MCP Hahnemann University in 2000 and a post-master's in Nurse Anesthesia and Nurse Education in 2009. I actively practice as a CRNA and have been employed as a CRNA at Penn Presbyterian Medical Center in Philadelphia, PA since 2009.