Jonas V Nurse Leader Scholar

Brianne Reedy, BSN, RN, CCRN

University of Cincinnati
PhD Student

I am currently enrolled in the University of Cincinnati School of Nursing PhD program. I graduated from the University of Cincinnati, with a B.S. in Physics. and later obtained my B.S in Nursing. As a nurse in the Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care Unit, I developed a passion for working with congenital heart patients and their families. I have also played an active role with the Patient Family Experience team at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, helping identify and implement best practices throughout the institution. My dissertation will focus on co-designing health care services for pediatric heart disease from the patient and family perspective. Using a participatory approach, I will promote collaboration between patients, families, and a broader healthcare team. It is my hope that this work will foster a new era where patients and families are seen as equal partners, valued as leaders of innovation central to improving quality and outcomes.