Jonas V Nurse Leader Scholar

Basilia Basin, BS, RN-BC

Oregon Health and Science University Hartford Center
PhD Student

I am a clinical nurse, educator, and leader with experience caring for older adults with chronic disease. Prior to nursing, I was a licensed small animal veterinary technician.   My experience as a nurse and a technician provides a unique perspective, and expertise, to research the relationship between older adults and pets and their influence on decision-making. Furthermore, my specialized interest in older adults with pets is aligned with the Gerontological Society of America’s research priorities in human-animal interaction.   My PhD core coursework is complete and I successfully defended the dissertation proposal. During the course work I worked closely as a research assistant with a nurse focused on gerontological transitional care.   I recruited participants, collected and analyzed data. This mentored position provided real-world experience about the research process. Additionally, I am actively involved as a student leader who reinvigorated the Graduate Nursing Senate. I organized quarterly meetings and encouraged all graduate nursing students to attend; participation has been exceptional. Furthermore, I also work as a nurse educator.   As a nurse educator I participate in shared governance and lead many education projects for the whole organization. Recently, I shared education about nurse peer feedback and won an award for an informational poster about peer feedback. Overall, I am a nurse who is dedicated to the lives of older adults, elevating the nursing profession and leading the way in human-animal interaction research of older adults.