Jonas V Nurse Leader Scholar

Ashley Waddell, MS, RN

University of Massachusetts-Boston
PhD Student

Ashley Waddell, MS, RN, is a third year PhD student at the University of Massachusetts Boston. She has a passion for nursing education and enhancing nursing’s contributions to all levels of policy. Ashley’s research interests focus on how nurses participate in health policy and how nursing curricula prepares nurses for such work. As a professional development specialist at Boston Children's Hospital, Ashley co-chairs the Legislative Action Interest Group; a forum made up of direct care nurses, nurse leaders and government relations representatives that meets monthly to explore Federal and State legislation related to pediatric health care and nursing practice. At the University of Massachusetts Boston, Ashley teaches a new first year seminar that focuses on core academic skills including clear writing, critical thinking, and team work that are taught within the context of understanding the who what and where of nursing practice across the millennia. Ashley is the student representative on the American Academy of Colleges of Nursing’s Faculty Policy Think Tank, she is on the Board of Directors and co-chairs the Government Affairs committee for the Organization for Nurse Leaders for Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Connecticut and is a member of the leadership team of the Massachusetts Action Coalition. Ashley received her BSN in Nursing from the University of New Hampshire and received top academic honors from Northeastern University where she earned a MS in Nursing Administration.