Jonas V Nurse Leader Scholar

Anastasiya Ferrell, BSN, RN

University of Florida
PhD Student

During the years in the BSN-PhD program I developed a research interest for substance use among vulnerable populations. My current focus is on e-cigarette use among adolescents. I've been taking graduate addiction courses and training to become certified addiction specialist and tobacco treatment specialist. I have also been volunteering for the AHEC's iQuit pilot project at the UF Health (Shands) hospital units. This volunteering is helping me develop my tobacco counseling skills. My work as a Research Assistant on my mentor's (Dr. Linda Haddad) intervention study is helping me gain knowledge on motivational interviewing. I am also developing my leadership skills through serving as a Vice President for the UF College of Nursing Graduate Student Council and as a Student Representative for the UF College of Nursing Academic Affairs Committee. Prior to starting the Accelerated BSN program (2013-2014) at the UF College of Nursing, I worked as an assistant for the Teaching Lab at the UF Microbiology & Cell Science Department (2012-2013). I plan on developing my teaching skills further by serving as a teaching assistant for UF College of Nursing faculty this upcoming school year (2016-2017).