Jonas V Nurse Leader Scholar

Anamarie Lazo, RN, MSN, FNP-BC

University of San Diego
DNP Student

My family immigrated in the United States from the Philippines when I was still in high school. Growing up in a poor area in Manila, I realized early on that I wanted to become a nurse to care for those in need. I took advantage of the college scholarship I received after high school by obtaining an associate degree in nursing. I worked as an RN for fifteen years before I decided to become a nurse practitioner (NP). After receiving my MSN from ASU, I worked as an NP in private practice for two years then as a primary care provider at Vandenberg AFB before going to the VA, where I spent the first two years working in a substance dependence treatment program. I currently work as an NP at the ASPIRE center which is a Residential Rehabilitation Treatment Program through the VA for homeless veterans who have been diagnosed with PTSD and TBI. I function as the only medical provider for the veterans who have other medical co-morbidities including chronic pain problems. Because of PTSD, many of the veterans who come to ASPIRE center have histories of substance dependence which contribute to a challenging chronic pain management. This is the reason for my interest in getting involved in a research that promotes and encourages self care as an alternative to pain management. I hope that by my involvement in this research, I will be able to help veterans manage their chronic pain by means of self-care and non-pharmaceutical interventions.