Jonas V Nurse Leader Scholar

Alyssa Doring, BSN, RN

University of Michigan-Flint
DNP Student

I am currently a United States Navy Nurse Corps officer and a DNP student at the University of Michigan-Flint on the family nurse practitioner track. I would like to focus my career and research on the unique healthcare issues faced by military members, veterans, and their families. I received my BSN from the University of Florida in 2014 and commissioned into the Navy Nurse Corps the same day. I have been a staff nurse at Fort Belvoir Community Hospital for two years with experience in the medical/ telemetry and PACU wards. I participated in the clinical nurse transition program for my first six months as an RN and presented an evidence based practice project on the benefits of sleep hygiene protocols for adult patient populations. I currently serve as a preceptor for new PACU nurses and a mentor to clinical nurse transition program nurses and navy corpsmen. I was recognized by the Fort Belvoir Community Hospital Department of Hospital Education and Training for outstanding work as a preceptor and dedication to the education of new nurses in the clinical nurse transition program.