Jonas V Nurse Leader Scholar

Abbe Muller, MPH, BSN

Yale University
PhD Student

I recently graduated from my Masters program in Public Health at Boston University as a community scholar, merit scholar and honors society member. I co-founded the organization Forensic Nurses for Human Rights, which is currently being established and exploring opportunities to gain fiscal sponsorship. I will be starting my PhD in nursing this September at Yale, with a focus on global health and infectious disease. I am also interested in M-health (mobile health initiatives). While I completed my Masters degree I was working full-time as research nurse coordinator in the center for infectious disease at Boston Medical Center - a role I occupied for 3 years. I worked on a SPNS (Special Project of National Significance) that attempted to reduce community viral load in HIV positive patients with co-morbid diseases, and high acuity. I was also a member of the spotlight committee on mental health for Boston University, and have past work experience on a dual-diagnosis unit for substance abuse and mental health.