Jonas III Nurse Leader Scholar Alumni

Samantha Girard

Washington State University

Samantha GirardSamantha Girard is a doctoral student at Washington State University College of Nursing. She earned a Masters in Nursing from the University of Washington-Bothell in the nurse educator track. She earned a BSN from San Diego State University and an ADN from Maric College in California. She is an experienced and committed nurse educator who teaches in the Associate Degree Nursing program at Bellevue College and is a lecturer at the University of Washington. Her interest in nursing education leadership is built upon a strong foundation of 12 years of clinical experience in emergency and public health nursing, seven years of clinical nursing instruction, and four years as a full-time faculty lecturer. Ms. Girard is committed to building international academic partnerships and has been to Costa Rica to collaborate on a global health project and nurse exchange program. She met with the board of directors of the Colegio de Enfermera to engage in curriculum review and coordinate a global health trip for students.

Ms. Girard is a member of Sigma Theta Tau International Honor society, the National League for Nursing, a participating member of the Washington Institute of Medicine Nursing Action Coalition, and is currently serving as an evaluator on the National Colleges of State Boards of Nursing National Simulation study at Washington State University in Spokane. Her research interests include examining the value of RN-BSN education from the perspective of associate degree nurses and examining academic structures that may inhibit associate degree nurses from continuing to achieve the BSN and higher degrees. She is passionate to learn more about how educators can streamline the academic progression from associate degree programs to baccalaureate to higher degrees, and how pedagogical approaches influence the transition from education to practice.