Hearst-Jonas Scholar III Alumni

Nicole Gibson, DNP

South Dakota State University

Nicole Gibson Hearst-Jonas II Scholar (2012-2014)Nicole Gibson received her undergraduate nursing education from South Dakota State University. As an RN she began working in critical care cardiology. Her interprofessional collaboration and mentorship with a nurse practitioner in this area inspired her to continue her nursing education. She then completed her Master’s of Science degree with FNP certification and DNP, also from South Dakota State University. As a CNP she continued her work in electrophysiology, and helped continue outreach electrophysiology clinics to two rural areas. 

Currently, Dr. Gibson is a Clinical Assistant Professor, DNP program co-coordinator, preceptor coordinator, and nurse practitioner at South Dakota State University. Her current clinical practice is in family practice at a community health care clinic with two outreach school-based health care clinics. She has special interests in underserved and rural populations, as well as in simulation, informatics, and interprofessional education. Dr. Gibson's doctoral work targeted childhood obesity in collaboration with a nutrition residency program at a community health clinic.