Jonas II Nurse Leader Scholar Alumni

Maura Murphy Abbott, PhD, AOCNP, CPNC, RN

Yale University

Jonas Scholars Alumni MurphyMaura Murphy Abbott received her BS in Psychology from Fordham University, and her MSN and PhD from Yale University. She completed a Post-Doctoral Fellow at Yale, where her research focused on skin injuries in children receiving chemotherapy. Dr. Abbott is currently an Assistant Professor of Nursing, Nurse Practitioner and Oncology Program Director at Columbia University School of Nursing. 

Her long-term career goal is to develop a clinical research program that will focus on examining the biological and psychosocial impacts on children who are being treated for cancer. In the past, Dr. Abbott has cared for children undergoing various standard cancer therapies and experimental treatment including chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery, hematopoietic stem cell transplants, antibody, and vaccine therapy. During these experiences she has witnessed the decreased quality of life that pediatric cancer patients experience because of the biological side effects of their cancer therapy. Her previous experience in the field has demonstrated that there are many aspects of the daily care of children with cancer that have not been examined and for which there is no evidence to guide the nurse and/or the family.

Dr. Abbott's dissertation was entitled “Development of an Instrument to Grade Diaper Dermatitis Severity in Children with Cancer."