Jonas III Nurse Leader Scholar Alumni

Marlo Eldridge, DNP, CPNP

Johns Hopkins University

Marlo Eldridge completed her BSN at Johns Hopkins University in 1997 and began her MSN while working in the Children’s Center at Hopkins. She completed the program and took a job as a PNP and served as the Director of the Johns Hopkins Hospital Pediatric Urology Specialty Clinic. Dr. Eldridge completed her DNP at Johns Hopkins University, where her doctoral capstone focused on "The Inability to Reliably Select Appropriate Bladder Neck Reconstruction Candidates Reducing the Ability to Predict and Optimize Surgical Outcomes." She currently serves as the Director of the Pediatric Voiding Improvement Program at Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Eldridge has been an invited speaker at international pediatric meetings, expert reviewer, and editor for urology journals. She has written textbook chapters and serves as a program development consultant around the world.