Jonas III Nurse Leader Scholar Alumni

Ann Bossen, PhD

University of Iowa

Ann BossenAnn Bossen completed her PhD in nursing from the University of Iowa, during which time she also served as Project Coordinator for The Multilevel Translation Research Application in Nursing Homes (MTRAIN) NINR RO1 study of Dr. Janet Specht. She also received her bachelors and masters degrees in nursing science along with certificates in Informatics and Global Health from the University of Iowa. Dr. Bossen's area of focus is in working with older Americans with cognitive impairments. Specifically, she is interested in nonpharmacological interventions for persons living with Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders, the promotion of improved quality of life for patients and their caregivers as well as decreased behavior disturbances for the person with dementia. Dr. Bossen’s research is focused on neural plasticity and cognitive reserve, and how interventions using the natural environment enhance these cognitive capacities. She has several data-based articles and many conference presentations. She has provided multiple dementia trainings to long term care facilities and adult day care programs in care management for persons with dementia in the state.