Jonas III Nurse Leader Scholar Alumni

Kristin Filler, PhD

Virginia Commonwealth University

Kristin FillerKristin Filler completed her PhD in Nursing at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), School of Nursing. She graduated from VCU summa cum laude receiving a bachelor’s degree in nursing. After graduation from the bachelor’s program, she entered the nursing doctoral program at VCU. During her doctoral studies, she was an acute care oncology nurse and a graduate research assistant for two NIH-funded studies. Dr. Filler is currently a Postdoctoral fellow at the NIH National Institute of Nursing Research. 

Dr. Filler’s experience as an oncology nurse has exposed her to the clinical issues surrounding quality of life (QOL) in patients with cancer, especially those issues surrounding symptom management. Her dissertation project explored biobehavioral factors related to symptoms and QOL in women with metastatic breast cancer in order to provide a foundation to explore biobehavioral mechanisms and potential targeted interventions. This project builds on the core knowledge of her mentor’s research program and expands on this program by exploring the biobehavioral mechanisms and symptom severity in women with metastatic breast cancer.