Hearst-Jonas Scholar III Alumni

Kisha Coleman, MSN, RN, CPHM

University of Alabama at Birmingham

Kisha Coleman Hearst-Jonas II Scholar (2012-2014)Kisha Coleman received her BSN from the University of Alabama and has served in the field of nursing for more than thirteen years. While working as a critical care nurse and preceptor, she was inspired to continue her matriculation at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. After receiving her MSN with a focus on Quality and Outcomes Management in Health Systems in 2002, Dr. Coleman was recruited to serve as the New Hire Support Coordinator in Nursing Education. One of her primary responsibilities in this role included the management and administration of the hospital’s preceptor training program to support new nurses in preparing them for unit-specific positions. She currently serves as a leader in audit activities to support appropriate resource utilization and quality care delivery with a third-party payer. Dr. Coleman received her DNP from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. For her scholarly project, she examined the relationship between the pay-for-performance model and evidence-based acute stroke management.