Jonas IV Nurse Leader Scholar Alumni

Kenneth Faulkner, RN, ANP-BC

New York University

Currently, I am a PhD student at New York University College of Nursing with an anticipated date of completion in spring 2017. My background is in critical care nursing. My experiences in the intensive care unit sparked my interest in the association between cardiovascular disease and cognition. The desire to learn more led me to the PhD program at New York University College of Nursing. My program of scholarship explores the influence of mild cognitive dysfunction on self-care capacity in patients with heart failure. Mild cognitive dysfunction is associated with failure of self-care. Signs of mild cognitive dysfunction are subtle and often elude detection. My research focuses on the early recognition of mild cognitive dysfunction, including use of biomarkers as indicators of cognitive impairment risk. My research trajectory involves evaluating changes in cognition over time and identification of associations between cognitive change and self-care capacity. I will explore interventions that improve cognition and promote effective self-care. Presently, I work in the undergraduate department in the School of Nursing at Stony Brook University. I teach the Pathophysiology and Pharmacology courses. I am the chairperson for the Academic Civility committee and participate on the Curriculum committee. I volunteer for a local chapter of the Girl Scouts of America, our local school district, and for my church. I am proud of my affiliation with New York University College of Nursing and look forward to my future career as a nurse researcher.