Jonas III/Blaustein Scholar Alumni

Janice Bistritz , DNP

Columbia University

Janice Bistritz Jonas-Blaustein Scholars (2012-2014)Janice Bistritz began her career in nursing at the University of Pennsylvania. She completed the baccalaureate program and returned to her home in Florida to begin her practice. She completed the Pediatric Nurse Practitioner program and her DNP at Columbia University. After various work experience, Dr. Bistritz became the founding staff member of the clinic and worked with various pediatricians as the client population grew. The clinic is now a busy, thriving multiethnic unit which has grown a thousand-fold since it started. Here too, Dr. Bistritz saw the clinic as a great setting to teach and took on more NP students, as well as medical students and residents. Primary care pediatrics has been a tremendously satisfying career for her but there is still more to come. She decided to complete her DNPA at Columbia to further advance and expand her abilities to care for her patients across all areas and in all settings.