Jonas IV Nurse Leader Scholar Alumni

Helen Baker

Emory University

Helen Baker received her BA in Anthropology and French from Macalester College. After spending a year teaching English in Guadeloupe, Ms. Baker went to the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine to complete an MSc in Demography and Health. Following her MSc, Ms. Baker worked in Thailand with an HIV/AIDS advocacy organization and then spent two years in the Peace Corps as a community health AIDS prevention volunteer in northern Togo. Following her time in the Peace Corps, Ms. Baker pursued a BSN degree at Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing and participated in the Peace Corps Fellows program. After graduating from Johns Hopkins, Ms. Baker worked as bedside nurse in adult oncology at Oregon Health and Science University Hospital. Ms. Baker is currently in the BSN-PhD program at Emory University. She works as a research assistant at the Atlanta VA on a yoga intervention study for women with post-traumatic stress disorder and military sexual trauma and is also a clinical instructor for the BSN program at Emory University. Ms. Baker is in the process of becoming a family nurse practitioner as part of the PhD program. Ms. Baker_s research interests include access to family planning, reproductive and sexual health services in low resource settings. Other interests include community-based approaches to improve health outcomes, health policy, and qualitative research methods. Ms. Baker_s dissertation is on assessing access to legal abortion and family planning services in two regions of Togo since the passage of the Reproductive Health Law in 2007.