Jonas III Nurse Leader Scholar Alumni

Emily Higdon

University of Iowa

Emily HigdonEmily Higdon initially enrolled at the University of Iowa, College of Nursing for her undergraduate degree she envisioned her specialty would be cardiac care. Throughout her years as an undergraduate student, her interest shifted to pregnancy, perinatal, and postpartum care. After graduation with her BSN, she was employed as a nurse in an obstetrical and gynecological clinic in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She began working as a nurse in labor and delivery at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics.

Ms. Higdon began her doctoral education in the University of Iowa, College of Nursing’s BSN-PhD program in 2010. She maintains her position as a nurse in labor and delivery, which serves as a means to inspire future research ideas and questions. She also works as a research assistant for a faculty member at the University of Iowa, College of Nursing. Ms. Higdon’s area of research interest is focused on the factors associated with the rising cesarean section delivery rate and barriers to change in current childbirth practice to facilitate a lower cesarean rate in low-risk pregnant women.