Jonas III Nurse Leader Scholar Alumni

Asefeh Faraz

Yale University

Asefah FarazAsefeh Faraz graduated from the University of Washington with a BS in psychology and a BA in Spanish. She received her MSN from Yale University School of Nursing (YSN), with a Family Nurse Practitioner specialty. She has participated on the YSN Alumnae/i Association Board of Directors, currently serving as President, and is also a Class Agent for the Class of 2008. Prior to returning to YSN to pursue a PhD in nursing, Ms. Faraz worked at a community health center and a private family practice as a primary care family nurse practitioner. Her research interest is factors that are associated with primary care nurse practitioner (NP) turnover, and successful transition and retention of new NPs in the workforce. The aims of this research are to increase retention of vitally needed providers in underserved primary care settings and ultimately improve patient outcomes.