Program Areas

Building a stronger profession three ways: through scholarship, leadership and innovative practice

The Jonas Center supports a singular mission—advancement of the nursing profession—with three types of programs:

  • Scholarship: Nursing Faculty Development
    The quality and quantity of trained nurses will be key to meeting America’s growing healthcare needs in the decades to come. Jonas grants support aspiring nurse educators as they work to gain the knowledge and credentials they’ll need to teach the next generation.

  • Leadership: Convening Thought Leaders
    As the largest group of healthcare professionals, nurses are key to redesigning and implementing a more efficient and effective healthcare system. Our goal is to support current nurse leaders and develop the future nurse leaders of America by convening thought leaders to address three important areas of healthcare: increasing access to care, improving quality of healthcare, and address emerging issues in healthcare.

  • Practice: Stimulating Innovative Models
    Nursing practice is critical to providing high quality, affordable healthcare to all Americans in a variety of settings: acute, ambulatory, primary care, long term care, community and public health. As patients’ healthcare needs become more complex, we must find innovative ways to improve the quality of care while reining in costs. The Jonas Center is working with leading educational and healthcare institutions to develop new approaches.
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