News posts March 1, 2012 to March 31, 2012

Jonas Nurse Leaders Scholar Program Reaches Goal of Preparing More Than 200 Potential Nurse Faculty Across All 50 States

$2 million in funding from the Jonas Center for Nursing Excellence for latest cohort enabled nursing schools to raise additional $1.5 million

NEW YORK, March 14, 2012 – The Jonas Center for Nursing Excellence will reach an important milestone this fall, as the third cohort of nursing doctoral candidates in its Jonas Nurse Leaders Scholar Program brings the program to a national scale. Launched in 2008 with six scholars in three states, the program now includes more than 200 students in nearly 85 schools across the US. It is the largest program addressing the nation’s dire shortage of nursing faculty—nursing schools turned away more than 67,000 qualified applicants in 2010 alone due to 1,000-plus faculty shortages1 —by preparing nurses with doctoral degrees to step into this critical role.

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Jonas Nursing Scholars Program for Veterans Health Established to Improve Care for Nation's Servicemembers

In recognition of the dedication and sacrifice of the nation’s veterans, the Jonas Center for Nursing Excellence has established the Jonas Nursing Scholars Program for Veterans Health. The program aims to improve the health of veterans, notably those of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, by supporting doctoral-level nursing candidates who are committed to advancing veterans health care, from patient care to policy and administration.

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