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Jonas Scholar Profile: Andrea Barnes Grant BSN, MSN

On August 20th, 1940, Sir Winston Churchill, commenting on the situation of the Battle of Britain, stated:Andrea Barnes Grant, BSN, MSN

"Never in the field of human conflict has so much been owed by so many to so few."

War and conflict was the situation during which Sir Winston Churchill made that memorable comment. Although these are not conflicted times, Donald and Barbara Jonas have stepped forward to make a major impact; we are fortunate that their impact is on the nursing profession. Churchill’s comment continues to have relevance in the present.In the case of Donald and Barbara, their impact on nursing is far-reaching and their work and passion will live on as their legacy. Their investment in nursing doctoral education will have a payoff not just for nursing but also for transforming health care. I am able to progress and pursue a doctoral program as a result of the benevolence and the earnestness of Mr. and Mrs. Jonas. Because of them I am able to offer my little piece toward the whole; to do research that will provide a powerful impact on the nursing knowledge base of “Uncontrolled Blood Pressure and Adherence Behaviors."

As I work feverishly to complete my dissertation, I cannot help but reflect on how this journey first began. I have been blessed with an extraordinary support system that started with the Jonas' beneficence, followed by awesome support from my indefatigable husband, my children, mothers, family at large and of course colleagues whose support I could never do without! I stand thankful and humbled and as such I must also thank my Chair, Dr. Keville Frederickson, all the professors at the Graduate Center, Cohort 3, Dr.'s Caroselli, Fagin, and Darlene Curley and her staff. It has been said that a journey begins with the first step, but so too, a journey begins with impassioned hearts seeking the same dreams to be realized. My heart is thankful for the many heartbeats that are pulsing in unison to make a difference on this journey that I am so highly privileged to be on!

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May 10, 2011 7:45 PM
keville frederickson says:
The Jonas Scholar Program is putting together the best of the best. There are the best students paired with the best faculty from the best schools. Talk about a recipe for success! Andrea's blog about the contributions of a few during times of challenge could not be more true during these times of the crisis in health care.

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